The Robertson Coaching Institute

The success of Trilogy Development led to an even more ambitious initiative—the launch of the Robertson Coach Institute – Coach Training & Mentoring. RCI is a leading source for HR, Talent and Organizational Development professionals and coaches to learn and become trained on how to design and deliver internal coaching programs. RCI offers webinars, hosted learning sessions and live training events on internal coaching. In addition, coaches, HR and OD professionals are trained and mentored on how to coach inside organizations.

ICF-Internal Coach Training Program
ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours)

The Coaching Solution™ coach training program is designed for those interested in learning how to coach inside an organization and who are committed to executing transformational organizational change while positively impacting business results.

The program provides participants with the learning and mentoring requirements to qualify for  the ICF’s ACC level credential.


It is pending ICF accreditation and the initial cohort will launch in the Spring of 2016. Program participants will receive ICF credits at program completion and will leave with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply for an ACC credential.

This program will consist of 70 hours of learning and development.  In-person classes will be held in the central NJ area and virtually.

The program consists of:

  • 30 hours In-person training
  • 10 hours Pre-scheduled tele-sessions
  • 10 hours Practical application
  • 10 hours Independent study
  • 10 hours Mentor coaching (optional)


I was fortunate to work alongside Renée during the integration of Verizon Business with Verizon Telecommunications described in Chapter 19 of this book, and witnessed her strong leadership and coaching abilities firsthand. Renée’s comprehensive approach guided a very complex organization successfully through a time of significant change, including streamlining operations, reducing costs and enhancing customer experience. Renée was focused on the desired outcome of the organization but never lost sight of the needs of the individual. I personally value Renée’s coaching and continue to learn from her insights.

Having been one of the many beneficiaries of Renée’s leadership programs at MCI and Verizon, I continue to leverage the many tools of her leadership program, including strategy development; maximizing organizational efficiency and productivity; continually adapting and succeeding in a high-performance organization; and finding better ways to serve customers. Every manager should have this book in their office.

I started working with Renée when she was promoted into a newly created position and tasked with restructuring and expanding the MCI New York City Field Marketing Teams. Not only did she ensure that we supported our sales branches well in order to meet our clients’ needs and achieve our results, she also encouraged all team members to set and reach career and performance milestones. Once our goals were established, Renée utilized her coaching skills to develop us each individually and as a team, resulting in a best-in-class program that was subsequently modeled and implemented around the country. For me personally, working with Renée was a highlight of my career.