Is Your Company Ready for internal Coaching? Part 3

By Renée Robertson


Once you have completed the first two assessments, its time to review your findings and think through the questions that follow below.

Coaching Questions: What have you learned? What is happening in your industry? Inside your company? How engaged are your employees? What do they say about their managers? How well does your company perform in the areas of talent retention, development, building a sustainable pipeline of talent? What gaps can you begin to see in your company’s talent capabilities? This summary, as well as the summary from the Internal Coaching Program Environmental Assessment, can be utilized in the preparation of your proposal for an internal coaching program.

Once you have thoroughly completed the assessment and research process, it might be time to determine next steps. If you believe that your company is ready for internal coaching, you may wish to work with a coach who has experience designing internal coaching initiatives.

The best of success on your internal coaching journey!