Is Your Company Ready for internal Coaching? Part 2

by Renée Robertson


The second assessment, the Internal Coaching Readiness Assessment, will assist you in determining if your culture and talent management strategy is set up to incorporate an internal coaching program. Completing the assessment questions will provide insight on whether or not coaching is a viable option for your company.


Step 2: Internal Coaching Program Readiness Assessment

Please answer the following questions/statements with True or False.

  1. Your company/firm has a culture of learning and development. Employees receive on average a minimum of 35 hours of learning and professional development annually. (Technical training or training required to do one’s job is a component of time allocated.)
  2. Your company’s talent management strategy and tactics are directly aligned to business objectives and tied to results.
  3. Your company’s competency models are fundamental to its learning strategy and aligned to the future of the business.
  4. Your organization holds people accountable for their development and measures their progress.
  5. Your organization measures the impact of its leadership development programs regularly.
  6. Coaching/mentoring/teaching employees is a key component of every manager’s job description. They have specific performance management objectives (PMOs) and are measured against them in their reviews.
  7. Employees know the difference between technical training and professional development.
  8. Employees believe they receive the appropriate level of professional development annually and communicate this to their management or Human Resources via employee engagement surveys.
  9. When employees are asked in their employee surveys about opportunities for career advancement, their responses are positive as they are indeed provided with opportunities to advance.
  10. When asked via an employee engagement survey about their readiness to accept another position or promotion, employees indicate that they have the professional development capabilities to accept the position today.
  11. Your company has a deep bench of talent for all critical positions.
  12. Your company experiences high employee retention commensurate with your industry.
  13. When asked about their ability to be productive, your company’s employees’ responses are extremely positive.
  14. When your company’s employees are asked about their manager’s professional capabilities, they indicate that their management and leadership across the board are fully proficient in their emotional intelligence and social intelligence capabilities.
  15. Your company’s employees embrace change and are flexible and agile.


Your Score

The more True responses you have, the higher probability that your organization and its culture is ready for coaching, but it doesn’t mean that if you have more False statements your organization is not ready. Whatever your score, I recommend that you allocate some quiet time for reflection and continue to Part 3 and work with a coach who has experience in building internal coaching programs.