Is Your Company Ready for internal Coaching? Part 1

by Renée Robertson


Let’s examine whether your company or organization is ready for an internal coaching program. To help you determine this, the following is an Environmental Assessment that will help you take an external look at your industry and its competitive environment, as well as your company’s performance, plans for the future and ability to manage change. Please know that this is the first blog post in a series of three.

Step 1: Internal Coaching Program Environmental Assessment

  1. What industry are you in? How is that sector performing? Can you envision a coaching conversation about your industry and its performance? With whom would you have this conversation?
  2. What is the environment in which your company must compete and win? Can you envision a coaching conversation about your company, its position in the marketplace and designing competitive strategies? With whom would you have this conversation?
  3. What critical areas must your company be competitive in to be successful at the highest level? Can you envision a coaching conversation about these critical areas and what it will take for your company to achieve the desired results? With whom would you have this conversation?
  4. How does your company organize to implement change in order to be better than its competitors? What do you know about your company and change? Does it embrace change or resist it? How can you see coaching playing a role in implementing change?
  5. How successful has your company been in making changes and adapting to change in the past? How can coaching play a role in accelerating change within your company and enabling employees to embrace change and adapt quickly?
  6. How would you describe your company’s culture? Where do you see coaching playing a role with regard to company culture?
  7. What are your company’s strategic initiatives or goals? How are they measured? What would a coaching conversation about performance be like? Who are candidates for this conversation within your company?
  8. Looking at your company’s strategy and its alignment to organizational design and talent, where can you see applications for coaching? How could a coaching program support organizational changes; the future state of business; and the leaders, managers and employees who are the company’s greatest asset? Where could a pilot coaching program potentially be tested?
  9. Where do you see coaching playing a role in creating and maintaining a competitive advantage for your company? What would this type of coaching conversation sound like? Who are candidates to have this conversation with at your company?
  10. Which business leader (or leaders) do you feel would be the best champions and/or sponsors of coaching in the organization? How well do you know this individual? How receptive do you think he or she would be to coaching?

Self-Reflection & Coaching Questions: What have you learned? What is the state of your industry? Company? How much change is expected? Are some areas faced with more change than others? What will the future look like? What gaps can you begin to see in your company’s talent capabilities, if any? The purpose of this assessment is that the output will guide you to the openness of having an internal coaching program, what types of applications may exist for coaching and where and how to position your program.