How to Find a Coaching Program Manager

By Renée Robertson

Crucial to the success of your internal coaching program is a suitable leader, someone who has a strong knowledge of business and talent development and who has a solid professional reputation. Personal strengths that contributed to the success of the internal coaching programs I designed were my business savvy, my proficiency for developing people, my ability to problem solve and find innovative solutions, and my strong relationship and execution skills.

I have designed and led multiple award-winning internal coaching programs within a Sales organization and within a Human Resources organization under the auspices of talent management. I have learned that the most successful programs are those whose program leader and coaches have the following characteristics:

  • They are passionate about talent development.
  • They are strong leaders who are adept at business.
  • They are credible and have a strong “brand” amongst their peers and colleagues.
  • They are experts at execution.

The more the leader of your internal coaching program has of these characteristics the more likely you are to be successful in developing, implementing and integrating an internal coaching program into the fabric of your company.