From a coaching perspective, a Realtor® can benefit in a few ways, said author Renee Robertson.

“The coaching process moves you from a reactive state to a proactive state. It helps to create a space where a Realtor® can think more strategically, and plan for what’s ahead of them, such as marketing, negotiating, etc.,” said Robertson.

“Any of those can be a great topic to hire a coach for,” she added.

If you’re thinking you know everything you need to know about real estate, Robertson still thinks a coach will benefit you and your business.

“Your coach isn’t the expert in real estate. Your coach is the expert in helping you discover new ways to look at things, get answers and see what’s possible. Maybe in the past, the Realtor® is conditioned to approach a prospective client or buyer in a certain way or maybe you have tried certain marketing tactics that have always worked. The coach is more there to help you see what’s around, what’s possible and what you haven’t tried,” she said.

To find a coach, Robertson suggested first asking your colleagues. “Referrals are the best,” she said. “Ask people about their experience.”

If you can’t find a recommendation, Robertson recommends using, which is the governing body of coaching professionals.

“They have coach referral service, so you can go in and find what you are looking for, including topics like how much you want to pay,” she explained. Next, they will generate a proposal with coaches who match your needs.
“You can then contact those coaches, interview them and determine whether they would be a good fit for you,” she said.

Robertson, who used to be in sales, hired a coach “to see it from the other side.” She said getting coached “modeled the behavior for her.” After her experience, she was so enlightened, she decided to become a coach. Since then, she is passionate about the importance of hiring a coach.

“The world is changing, there are new trends and a coach can bring a new perspective,” she added.

Article Credit: Kelly Leighton
Kelly Leighton is the Multimedia Content Manager at the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®.

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