"Bookshelves and online bookstores are overflowing with books about leadership, employee development, driving results and business success. One could spend two lifetimes absorbing the available content. Renée Robertson’s The Coaching Solution rises above all the noise and wide variety of methodologies, systems and theories, and gets right to the bottom line of why coaching is a pivotal leadership learning and development strategy for everyone in your company. Renée delivers the message from a real-world and totally transparent perspective. That, coupled with the detailed roadmap on how to leverage coaching in your organization, makes this a must-read for every leader."

Frank Traditi
Regional Sales Learning Manager, XO Communications

"Both inspirational and practical, Renée Robertson clearly articulates the value add of comprehensive, holistic coaching—and why coaching is an essential ingredient in the recipe for change and key to increasing ROI (in the “numbers realm” and in a “people context”). The business case for introducing and embedding coaching into one’s enterprise has never been more compelling!"

Tom Zahay
Vice President, Human Resources, smartShift Technologies

"After Renée asked that I write a short testimonial for her book, I took some time to gather my thoughts and memories of the time past when we first met and the evolution of our relationship. For many years I climbed corporate ladders, along the way completing tasks and reaping rewards. Yet the most important lessons I learned, I learned from Renée. Renée is a top salesperson who knows how to engage a customer and navigate a company. What differentiated Renée was that she realized that the path she had initially taken was not the path she wanted to continue on (as you will read about in the book), and that transformation is not about changing yourself but rather about getting to the place where you can be yourself. One of the chapters in Renée’s book is called “Finding the Leader Within.” Renée found the leader within herself, and I would suggest to the readers of this book that she help you to do the same."

Jim Knego
Former Vice President of Sales, MCI