“Employees spend a great amount of time working. Many in environments that do not align with their values, embrace their individuality, and support their life’s vision. This is causing them to question their jobs, managers, career choices and the companies and cultures that they work within.

From the organization’s perspective, the great resignation is upon us, the war for talent continues and being innovative and agile is required to remain competitive and deliver results. At Trilogy and Robertson Coaching Institute, we get this. We are dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations that would like to explore coaching to overcome these challenges.”

– Renée Robertson, Founder Trilogy Development, and the Robertson Coaching Institute


Trilogy Development is a learning and consulting firm with a proven track record in designing and implementing talent development solutions including coaching programs and services, organizational development initiatives and relevant content and resources to inform your talent outcomes.  The Robertson Coaching Institute (RCI) emerged from the founder’s commitment to coaching in organizational settings. The Robertson Coaching Institute (RCI) is the Center of Excellence for individuals and organizations wanting to bring coaching into business environments. 

About Our Team

Renée M. Robertson, PCC, SHRM SCP

Founder and CEO, Trilogy Development and Robertson Coaching Institute

As a longtime executive responsible for leading global teams and organizations, Renée has relied on her coach training and coaching expertise to develop high-performing individuals and teams and create positive, productive, and award-winning cultures and organizations.   She was an early pioneer in bringing organizational and internal coaching into organizations. She went on to led two organizations on to win the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) prestigious Prism Award. 

Renée is also the author of the award-winning book, The Coaching Solution: How to Drive Talent Development, Organizational Change and Business Results.   Most recently, she is the founding executive for the ICF’s Coaching in Organizations (CIO) new business unit. CIO is dedicated to the global advancement of coaching in organizations.  Renée’s life’s work has been focused on leveraging a “coach approach” to creating positive, productive, and high-performing individuals, teams, and workplaces.    When not working, Renée enjoys spending time with her family and friends, walking her dogs, listening to books, being outdoors and practicing mindfulness and yoga.

Elizabeth Guilday

Director, Learning & Development, MCC

Elizabeth is an accomplished executive coach and trainer. She helps managers and executives to lead teams more efficiently through better communication self-awareness.

In 2004, Elizabeth co-wrote and co-led a very successful coaching certification program for New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies. She coaches managers and executives in many sectors, from data analytics to healthcare. For the last 10 years, Elizabeth has been part of the Teachers College-Columbia Business School’s Coaching Certification Program facilitation team. Most recently she has join the Robertson Coaching Institute as the Director of Learning and Development.

Elizabeth enjoys using the coaching process and tenets to unlock the intelligence and creativity of her clients, and leading robust group conversations that result in committed action.

Apart from her work, Elizabeth can be found outdoors in the kitchen or reading up on current events.

Why Trilogy Development and the Robertson Coaching Institute

Both firms were founded by Renée Robertson, an early pioneer leading the way for what is commonly referred to as “internal” or “organizational” coaching. Clients and students directly benefit from Renée’s knowledge and experiences. She regularly meets with them supporting them on their coaching journey. This can be via providing them guidance on designing a coaching program, coaching and/or mentoring individuals, teaching courses on coaching, human resource topics and change.

Her network is vast, and she enjoys making introductions and connect her clients with other business partners, providers, and peer colleagues. She is known for being gracious with her time – answering questions, sharing her expertise and best practices on designing, developing, and deploying organizational coaching initiatives and programs. As a two-time and Evaluator, she supports organizations in the ICF’s Prism Award application process.

Mission Statement

In my experience as a Talent Management executive, one of the greatest challenges that I face is building a pipeline of ready talent. I realized that many talent development initiatives are sadly lacking when it comes to sustainable change. Managers tend to default to their normal ways of doing things. Progress is delayed or impact is minimal. Lastly, I constantly hear from colleagues that they wish their HR Business Partners could be more strategic. Based on this feedback and my first hand experience, I was determined to tackle these problems and find a solution. This is why I founded Trilogy Development and the Robertson Coach Institute.

There are many leadership development and HR training and certification programs out there, however, few with demonstrated sustainable change. As a result of my experiences, I developed an approach to take talent development to the next level. I am pleased to report that I now provide a full suite of coaching services to medium and large sized corporations who would like to have a culture of high performance, engagement and collaboration through the development of strong, agile and yet compassionate leadership deep into their organizations.

Trilogy Development and The Robertson Coach institute services include an accredited coach training for managers and leaders on how to coach employees to reach their highest potential; a program for HR, Learning and OD professionals to become internal coaches and 1:1 coaching for managers and executives to support them in new and diverse assignments. As a talent management executive, internal coach and 2x winner of the ICF’s Prism Award for organizational coaching, my firm brings a proven methodology, true experience and thought leadership to our clients.