What leadership competency is
growing exponentially?

According to a recent study by HCI & ICF, approximately
80% of the managers surveyed indicated that they will
be expanding coaching and coach training to their
managers and leaders.

Where can you find a
comprehensive manual
on how to build
internal coaching programs?

How much coach training do
managers and leaders receive?

51% of managers receive less than 30 hours of informal
coaching and 22% receive no formal coach training at all.

Welcome to Trilogy Development and the Robertson Coaching Institute

a subsidiary of Trilogy Development


Trilogy Development is a learning and consulting firm with a proven track record in designing and implementing talent development solutions including coaching programs and services, organizational development initiatives and relevant content and resources to inform your talent outcomes.

The Robertson Coaching Institute emerged from the founder’s commitment to introducing coaching into organizational settings. The Robertson Coaching Institute is a center of excellence on coaching in organizations. Founded by Renée Robertson, early pioneer and thought leader, she wanted to create a place where she could share her expertise on how to introduce, develop and integrate coaching into different eco-systems and cultures to achieve sustainable results.

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Our Team

Our award-winning team has decades of experience leading talent management and human resources, as well as sales, marketing, and operations organizations. This distinctive combination of practical experience, trained coaches and a commitment to excellence allow them to offer unique perspectives to clients.

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Our Philosophy

A global pandemic has left companies struggling with several business and talent challenges. Employees are rethinking their priorities and careers. As a result, they are in search of work environments that align with their values and embrace their individuality.

Our premise requires changes to workplace culture, how leaders “lead” and how employees adapt and manage change.

At Trilogy Development and the Robertson Coaching Institute, we honor learning as a guiding principle. We believe that investing in the development of individuals, teams and organizations directly contribute to an organization’s success.

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