What leadership competency is
growing exponentially?

According to a recent study by HCI & ICF, approximately
80% of the managers surveyed indicated that they will
be expanding coaching and coach training to their
managers and leaders.

Where can you find a
comprehensive manual
on how to build
internal coaching programs?

How much coach training do
managers and leaders receive?

51% of managers receive less than 30 hours of informal
coaching and 22% receive no formal coach training at all.

Welcome to Trilogy Development

Corporate Overview

Trilogy Development is a learning and consulting firm with a proven track record in designing and implementing internal coaching programs;  sales force performance initiatives and talent development solutions. Trilogy Development offers internal coach training to companies and individuals who would like to learn how to coach inside organizations.

Founded by talent management veteran Renée Robertson, Trilogy’s guiding principal is the belief in the power of human potential – especially when it is invested in and developed. Trilogy enhances and sharpens its client’s executive leadership and management capabilities and practices to empower them to more effectively lead and sustain workforces, deliver positive employee and customer experiences, and achieve measurable business results.

Now more than ever, Human Resource departments’ role in talent management has made them critical partners in the development and delivery of ready talent to help solve these business challenges. Trilogy Development partners with human resources, talent management and business leaders to develop and deliver solutions to meet these challenges and effectively achieve their client’s business goals.

The Trilogy Difference

The Trilogy Development team has years of hands-on experience in leading sales, marketing and human resources organizations complementing its talent development coaching expertise. This distinctive combination of practical experience and theoretical applications allows them to offer unique perspectives to clients. It also enables them to work hand-in-hand with clients to build powerful approaches leveraging the client’s business knowledge, existing methodologies and human capital or to design brand new approaches, all aimed to deliver positive business results.

Unlike others who provide general “one size fits all” coaching training and talent development programs or offer coaching as a point solution, Trilogy leverages their internal coaching expertise to create programs that incorporate the skills and benefits of internal coaching – creating a powerful experience for their clients.

Mission Statement

In my experience as a Talent Management executive, one of the greatest challenges that I face is building a pipeline of ready talent. I realized that many talent development initiatives are sadly lacking when it comes to sustainable change. Managers tend to default to their normal ways of doing things. Progress is delayed or impact is minimal. Lastly, I constantly hear from colleagues that they wish their HR Business Partners could be more strategic. Based on this feedback and my first hand experience, I was determined to tackle these problems and find a solution.

This is why I founded Trilogy Development and the Robertson Coach Institute. There are many leadership development and HR training and certification programs out there, however, few with demonstrated sustainable change. As a result of my experiences, I developed an approach to take talent development to the next level. I am pleased to report that I now provide a full suite of coaching services to medium and large sized corporations who would like to have a culture of high performance, engagement and collaboration through the development of strong, agile and yet compassionate leadership deep into their organizations.

Trilogy Development and The Robertson Coach institute services include an accredited coach training for managers and leaders on how to coach employees to reach their highest potential; a program for HR, Learning and OD professionals to become internal coaches and 1:1 coaching for managers and executives to support them in new and diverse assignments.

As a talent management executive, internal coach and 2x winner of the ICF’s Prism Award for organizational coaching, my firm brings a proven methodology, true experience and thought leadership to our clients.

Our services:

Business Leaders

  • Ensure the alignment and execution
    on a business transformation project
  • Drive the adaptation of a change in the business
  • Drive shareholder value

Talent Management and Human Resource Leaders

  • Build a strong and sustainable bench – designed for the future
  • Have clear succession plans with deep talent pipelines for critical positions
  • Develop coaching capabilities in HR Business Partners, organizational development professionals and internal coaches

Sales Leaders

  • Increase sales & revenues…faster
  • Ensure alignment and increase productivity & efficiency
  • Accelerate the transition to a new sales methodology

Customer Service and Marketing Leaders

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Build a strong customer service brand
  • Sell additional products & services at the point of service

Some of our clients include:

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